Wooden figure (c. 1951-1976), ILEA object No. W478D. Photograph reproduced courtesy of Ben Mullins. Photograph © University of the Arts London. University of the Arts London does not hold copyright over the object presented.

Wooden Figure

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  • Held within the Camberwell Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) Collection, the Wooden Figure is a triangular wooden toy depicting a girl wearing a raincoat and yellow shoes tied with a red ribbon. 
  • The toys date from between 1951 and 1976. 
  • These wooden toys, unique to northern Japan, under the common name ‘Kokeshi’. 
  • ‘Kokeshi’ first appeared between 1804 and 1811,These toys are commonly found in hot spring inns in northern Japan. 
  •   ‘Kokeshi’ were mostly made by artisans who specialized in making these toys. 
  • In the early 20th century, nostalgia-based tourism in Japan encouraged people to travel to traditional scenic areas and consume “local” conventional cultural products. Many traditional art forms continue to be allied with traditional tourist destinations and became souvenirs that represented the tradition of the places visited.

Instruction Guide Credits: Script Writer: Chenxin Yang, Ellie Honeyman, Qi Qi, Tian Li, Yetong Wu, Yixuan Zhang; Voiceover: Qi Qi ; Film Recorder: Chenxin Yang; Hand Model: Tian Li, Yixuan Zhang; Video Editor: Yetong Wu, Yixuan Zhang; Photographer: Chenxin Yang; Photo Editor: Tian Li

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Wooden Figure






150 x 65mm

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    The wooden figures look very cute!

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