Playtime.Commodity is an online exhibition that makes reference to the layout of an e-commerce website. The website consists of two “galleries”, the Object Catalogue page and Cinema Room, and one Reading Room. 

The Object Catalogue page displays ILEA Collection objects in a way that mimics the online shopping experience on an e-commerce website. You will be able to add the exhibited objects to your cart, leave reviews and ratings for each object, and simulate the check out process of an e-commerce website. If you encounter an error page after checking out, please be aware that the error page is also a part of the exhibition experience, as none of the ILEA Collection objects on display is purchasable through our exhibition. 

The Cinema Room displays contemporary artworks and films that are relevant to the concepts that Playtime.Commodity centres around consumerism, gender, and capitalism. 

The Reading Room includes literature reviews written by the curators of Playtime.Commodity, to address the complexity of the themes Playtime.Commodity tries to address. 

Please note this exhibition is best visited through a web browser on a computer than a mobile device.