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1. Arne Jacobsen Cutlery Collection
Arne Jacobsen (Denmark, b.1902-1971) Table knife, 1957 Stainless steel ILEA object no: CC063 Table Fork, 1957 Stainless steel ILEA object no: CC064 Dessert spoon,1957 Stainless steel ILEA object no: CC060 Photograph reproduced courtesy of Ben Mullins, photograph © UAL UAL does not hold copyright over the object illustrated
This cutlery was designed in 1957 by Arne Jacobsen as part of the world’s first design hotel, the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. As well as the architecture, he devised each of the details inside, right down to the cutlery. Jacobsen designed these pieces imagining they were a natural extension of the human body. This approach proved to be so cutting-edge that the cutlery was included in Stanley Kubrick’s arguably culture-defining premonition of the future, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.

设计师阿纳·雅格布森在1957年完成了这一组餐具,这也成为了世界上第一家设计型酒店:哥本哈根丽笙精选皇家酒店的一部分。大到酒店的建筑结构,小到餐具细节,雅格布森都参与了设计。通过想象,他希望这组餐具能作为人类身体自然延伸的一部分。这种新奇而前沿的设计方法使得这组餐具出现在斯坦利·库布里克关于文化的未来预言“ 2001:太空漫游”中

2. Lundtofte Bowl

Lundtofte DKF (Dansk Knivfabrik) designed and manufactured high-quality stainless steel pieces such as this futuristic bowl. Stainless steel’s properties – strength, flexibility, resilience to corrosion – enabled modernist innovation in architecture, medicine, aviation, and domestic design. Thanks to this, polished metal has been incorporated in our shared visions of the future. The arched shape of the bowl is possible because of its materiality, breaking away from the normative silhouette of a bowl.


Lundtofte (Denmark) Bowl, c.1951-1976 Stainless steel ILEA object no: M38A Photograph reproduced courtesy of Julia Parks, photograph © UAL UAL does not hold copyright over the object illustrated