9. Robert Welch Ashtray
Robert Welch (Britain, b.1929-2000) Ashtray (c. 1951-1976) Stainless steel ILEA object no. M325J Photograph reproduced courtesy of Ben Mullins, photograph © UAL. UAL does not hold copyright over the object illustrated

This asymmetric, minimalist ashtray characterises the style of Robert Welch, the British designer of his generation. Welch’s designs are imbued with a sense of timeless elegance whilst, at the same time, looking into a shiny, ultra-modern future. The polished stainless steel is functional and subtly glamorous. The ash tray’s clean lines owe a lot to trips Welsh took to Scandinavia as a student. It was his mission to design equivalent, modern, stainless steel homeware for Britain. He achieved his mission. 


10. Ice Bucket

The Danish company Skjøde Skjern was best known for making wooden board games. They also designed homeware pieces, showing their flair for wooden craftsmanship. This ice bucket is made from teak, a classic, Scandinavian material. However, the interior is crafted from the insulating, durable plastic polythene, one of the twentieth century’s wonder materials and now, the most used plastic in the world. Thanks to polythene, hosts could chat with their guests whilst their sparkling wine stayed chilled.

丹麦的司库约·斯坎恩公司以制作木制品玩具而闻名,此外也出品了许多家居用品,在木制品工艺设计领域展现出了精湛的技艺和审美。 这个冰桶是由柚木制成的,柚木是斯堪的纳维亚设计中的一种典型材料。 但是,冰桶的内部是由绝缘、耐用的聚乙烯材料制成,这种塑料是20世纪工业发展中极具革命意义的材料之一,也是目前在全世界被使用最多的材料。 因为聚乙烯的存在,房主可以使用这件冰桶冷藏起泡酒,在家里招待客人,度过轻松愉快的时刻。

Skjøde Skjern (Denmark). Ice bucket, c.1951-1976. Wood, plastic. ILEA object no: W119B. Photograph reproduced courtesy of Julia Parks, photograph © UAL UAL does not hold copyright over the object illustrated