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7. Mirror
Luxus Vittsjö (Sweden) Mirror, c.1951-1976 Wood, glass, leather ILEA object no: W151C Photograph reproduced courtesy of Ben Mullins, photograph © UAL UAL does not hold copyright over the object illustrated

This mirror was designed by Luxus Vittsjö, headed by brothers Uno and Osten Kristiansson. Luxus specialised in lighting fixtures but produced their series of minimalist mirrors in the 1960s. The duo were influenced by Jacque Adnet’s 1950 design Circulaire Mirror, originally produced for luxury brand Hermes. Adnet, a proponent of the French avant-garde, described his style as ‘innovative and classic’. Luxus followed suit. Their mirror incorporated the traditional Scandinavian materials teak and leather whilst creating this minimal, timeless design.


Lundtofte produced all sorts of stainless steel homeware pieces such as this sculptural jug. Its factory provided jobs for those living in the Lyngby-Taarbæk municipality, epitomising a time of industrial growth and urban modernisation in Copenhagen. By working on the production line, workers created Lundtofte’s products whilst earning a living to incorporate the objects into their own lives. Lundtofte DKF no longer exists, only through its name imprinted on the object’s base and the user’s mind.

隆德托夫特生产了各种不锈钢家居用品,例如这件雕塑状的水罐。 它的工厂为居住在灵比·托拜克自治市的人们提供了工作,这标志着哥本哈根工业发展和城市现代化的时代。 通过在生产线上进行工作,工人们制造了隆德托夫特的产品,在维持生计的同时将这些物品融入到了日常生活中。隆德托夫特DKF如今已不存在,它的名字仅印在那些物品的底部和使用者们的脑海中。

8. Lundtofte Jug
Lundtofte (Denmark) Jug, c.1951-1976 Stainless steel ILEA object no: M40C Photograph reproduced courtesy of Julia Parks, photograph © UAL UAL does not hold copyright over the object illustrated