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5. Kristian Solmer Vedel Vase
Kristian Solmer Vedel (Denmark, b.1923-2003)

Danish industrial designer Kristian Solmer Vedel believed in the qualities of the new, revolutionary melamine plastic – ‘the material of the future’. Melamine was lightweight, sturdy, low-cost, and could be produced in many colours, making it a highly versatile material. Even this vase was machine-pressed, a product of a production line. It took until the nineties to realise the damaging, environmental effects of such a sturdy, low-cost material.


6. Stainless Steel Tray

This sleek, stainless steel tray was designed by Pierre Forssel for Swedish company A.B. Gense. Although Gense started out as a cutlery manufacturer, it specialised in stainless steel from the 1920s, innovating in fine homeware pieces that were easier to upkeep than traditional silverware. Working in stainless steel was rare for Forssel who usually produced glitzy brass or gold plate objects. This design is toned-down, stripped to its barest form.


Pierre Forssell (Sweden, b.1925-2004) Dish, c.1951-1976 Stainless steel ILEA object no: M178E Photograph reproduced courtesy of Ben Mullins, photograph © UAL UAL does not hold copyright over the object illustrated